If It Looks Good...

My boy Doug is awesome! Knowing how much I adore Bizarre Foods and Andrew Zimmern, my hubby wrote him a fan letter several weeks ago (without me knowing) explaining what a big fan I am, blah, blah,blah. Doug also happen to mention that he travels a lot for work so in his absence I playfully refer to Zimmern as "Husband # 2". Funny thing is my mom also calls him my Husband # 2 often saying something like "Your husband is in China eating rooster testicles". Anyway, look what arrived in the mail....a personalized autographed photo!!! The scan is a bit blurry and makes him look a little yellowish but it says "If it looks good eat it. Best, Andrew Zimmern "Husband #2". I threw a virtual frame on it. This is currently my new favorite item. :)

You can barely see the Husband #2 part but it's on there towards the bottom right hand corner.