Day at the Ballpark

My boy, Doug is a die hard Chicago White Sox nutcase...err fan. This was our third trip to Chicago in a span of a year. The first two trips completely revolved around baseball and autograph seeking (see here and here). This trip was divided a lot more evenly between the two of us. But of course, I knew a game or two would make its way into the itinerary regardless. Heh!

U.S. Cellular Field
Mullet Day at The Cell
SouthPaw...anyone know WTH he's suppose to be? Fuzzy dinosaur?

Doug bought a pair of tickets in the cushy United Scout Seats section, seven rows behind home plate. These tickets included premium reserved parking, all-inclusive Levy Restaurant buffet in a private lounge, access to private United Scout Seat Lounge with flat screen televisions throughout, and most importantly in-seat wait service during the game. Picture it...all the ballpark food at your beck and call. Muhahaha!

The Buffet
Pasta salad in the upper left serving bowl, salads, and ham
Assorted cheeses and fruits. Open bar in background

If I was taller, I would've been able to take pictures of what was actually in the bowls. If I remember correctly, it was bowls of fried mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and a seafood rice dish.

Display wall in the dining room area
During the game my boy had nachos, an Italian Beef sandwich, and a polish sausage. But, I only remembered to take a picture of the nachos. It was a quick snapshot and not very well angled . I was trying to take the picture without the couple next to me noticing. I still get a little embarrassed when people catch me taking pictures of my food.

My soft pretzel with cheese dipping sauce.
Around the end of the 5th inning, we went walking around the stadium. Doug got a huge kick out of all the names on the food stalls.

"Winning Ugly is Sweet"

Looking back I think this might have been the funniest baseball game I've been to so far.

To top the night off.... Sox won and a nice fireworks show afterwards.


Bob said…
I haven't been to a baseball game in years. Course, that's not how I remember it either. The bleachers at Fenway didn't have an open bar. ;)
Ann said…
I have no idea abt the baseball to comment on.. But the Fried Moza' sticks really tempting me!! humm yumm
Treasure at Tampines said…
We were talking about this earlier on! :) Future residents of Treasure at Tampines , for your reference :)