Vosges Haut-Chocolat

During the Las Vegas leg of my trip, I made sure to stop by the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace to visit Vosges Haut-Chocolat boutique. This was my first time here. I'm more used to the homey feel of See's Candies. The boutique was really trendy looking, almost intimidating. Their truffles were displayed like jewelry in the glass case.

I HAD to get a couple of their famous chocolate applewood bacon bars. I've read way too much about these babies not to try a couple. I picked up one bar in milk chocolate and one in dark chocolate.

Vosges had a mix and match buy 5 bars, get the 6th free deal. I hadn't planned on getting more than the bacon bars, but all the exotic flavors sucked me in. Along with the two bacon bars, I picked up a Matcha bar (green tea, milk chocolate), Goji bar (Tibetan goji berries, Himalayan salt, milk chocolate), Naga bar (Indian curry powder, coconut flakes, milk chocolate), and Red Fire bar (Mexican ancho chipotle chillies, Ceylon cinnamon, dark chocolate) for about $43 USD after tax.

So far I've tasted two bars, Mo's Bacon Bar in milk chocolate and the Naga Bar. I loved the sweet and salty combination of the bacon bar. It reminded me of when you order breakfast at a diner and the syrup from your pancakes slightly drips onto the bacon. The Naga bar was interesting. My mom makes chicken curry sometimes using canned coconut milk, so I knew sweet could mix well with curry. The aroma of curry from the bar was very strong. The curry flavor definitely wasn't shy but not overwhelming either. It was a nice mix. Not too sweet, not too spicy. I couldn't taste the coconut flakes though. I must have gotten a naked square of chocolate. :)


K and S said…
love the bacon bars and the barcelona bar, oh and the one with pink salt in it (can't remember the name of it). we don't have a vosges in hawaii, so I don't know about their displays. my friend who is a chocolatier in oakland does display his chocolates like jewelry though.
Kim said…
Oh yeah, I actually remember reading on your blog about your chocolatier friend. His wife is a jewelry maker, right? The Vosges store definitely fits in at Caesars Palace. It was really posh for being a candy store. Kinda felt like a country bumpkin in there. lol
Florida Foodie said…
I'm obsessed with Vosges as well and just blogged about it last month. http://tinyurl.com/y9nmnjy

The store in Vegas is to die for--hopefully you didn't spend all your winnings there!

Florida Foodie
K and S said…
that's right :) I probably would've felt like a country bumpkin also :0