Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival

Last weekend Doug and I went to Epcot's 15th Annual International Food and Wine Festival.  The festival runs from October 1st to November 14th.  This is the second time we've gone since moving to Florida. It's one big grubbing session.  The eleven countries represented in the World Showcase each had food stalls offering different wines and dishes native to their own countries.  The foods are served in very small portions similar to tapas ranging from $3 -$7 USD per plate.

Spaceship Earth, Epcot's most famous iconic and symbolic structure.  

First up, Italy

 Two chocolate cannolis and baked cheese and beef ravioli.  Pretty typical, nothing new or special but still tasty.

From France, Escargot in mini buttery rolls.  This was Doug's first time trying snails. He pretended they were mushrooms.  Ha!  He ended up eating two.

From Germany, a very long beer sausage in a pretzel bun and Spatzle. Think what you want about the sausage because chances are I've already said it. :)  The Spatzle was my favorite of the two.
 Canada, Cheddar Cheese Soup with ham bits.  Spicy Chicken Chorizo sausage topped with caramelized onions and peppers with a sweet corn polenta.   The sausage was really, really spicy.  Thank goodness for the sweet corn polenta.  It helped cut through the heat.  How Canadian this dish really is, I'm not sure.

 United Kingdom, Fish and chips baby!!  Can't go wrong with crispy fried fish and salty chips.

Teehee!  It's the "The British Invasion Band"  

 Singapore, lemongrass shrimp cake on a sugar cane skewer served with chilled noodles.  The shrimp cake was piping hot.  It definitely made an interesting temperature combo with the coldness of the noodles. Sorry about the blue hue in this picture.  I ran out of memory on my digital camera just as I got to the park and had to use the camera on my iPhone.  lol

Japan... I passed on the sushi because I couldn't get myself to pay $5 for 4 tiny pieces of tuna when I could get an entire roll at a restaurant for a few more dollars. Instead I got some rainbow Kaki Gori. Strawberry, cherry, my favorite melon, and tangerine.  It really hit the spot.  It was blazing hot that day too.

 Souvenirs!!  Since I'll never make it to Japan in this lifetime. :(
My very own solar powered geisha!  Her head bobs from side to side. 

 These rice bowls were too cute.  I had to pick up a couple for myself.

Doug and I had an awesome time eating and walking around. It's a bit pricey but definitely worth it.  We'll do it again next year.


wow this looks like so much fun I want fish and chips
redkathy said…
Great food Pocky and beautiful photos! Wish I could have made this event :(
Can you believe I've only been to Epcot once! My hubby worked on the building of Mexico back in 82, before we were married.
K and S said…
everything sounded delicious, the last time I visited Epcot was in 1999 and it was fahreezing!
Shaheen said…
Fantastic photographs.
Kim said…
Rebecca, I've been craving fish and chips since I left Epcot. I bet you could make some killer fish and chips.

Kathy, You should go back for a visit. A lot has changed. Epcot did a really good job recreating all the countries. There's also a Florida residents discount for tickets...although I do admit even with the discount, they still charge an arm and a leg. Boo Disney!!

Hi Kat. It was freezing here in Florida? Are you sure, lady? Ha! 1999, I was still living in California. I missed the cold snap.

Mangocheeks, Can you believe I took all those pictures with the camera on my iPhone 4? Crazy eh?
Thanks so much for visiting and dropping me a line. :)
Megg said…
This looks amazing. I've always wanted to go! Steve's sister's family in Melbourne always talks about this festival. And wow, that is one big sausage. Lol...