Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Here's my attempt at "art" photography....umm using my iPhone camera.  :)    I made these chicken pot pies a few weeks ago when the weather was actually freezing.  We're going to hit the mid to high 70's this coming week.  I'm sad to say that the cold is probably making its way out of Florida.  I'd love to get some of that cold air from up north.  They can keep the snow, though. 

These chicken pot pies were so quick, easy, and delicious.  I used canned cream of chicken soup, frozen mixed veggies, left over store bought rotisserie chicken, and frozen pie crust. I mixed everything together, filled up my ramekins, cut out circles in the pie crust, and popped them in the oven until hot and golden.  I sprinkled a bit of Parmesan cheese on top before it went into the oven for the fancy effect.  Did it work?  Ha!  Semi homemade suits me just fine.  Believe me when I say I can use all the help I can get (especially during the work week).  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


K and S said…
looks delicious, bet it tasted good too :)
redkathy said…
Great idea and almost homemade is just fine with me too. The work and home juggle can be brutal! BTW - Love the title ;-)
Kim said…
Thanks ladies! I love chicken pot pies. I even like the cheapie frozen ones from the supermarket. And yes Kathy, when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is cook a big elaborate meal.

Thanks for dropping by!