The New York Times' Almond Cake

I was introduced to this delicious almond cake by the queen of Twitter herself, Lovelylanvin (this chick has over 47K tweets to date).  Lovelylanvin kept tweeting about this almond cake she had baked.  I got curious and asked for the recipe.  Boy am I glad I did!!  This cake has a really nice almond flavor, soft, spongy texture, and is not overwhelmingly sweet.  With just a light dusting of confectioner sugar and a couple scoops of ice cream, it makes the perfect dessert.  The recipe comes from The New York Times and can be found here.

I had a bag of frozen raspberries in the freezer.  I thawed some out and spooned it over the cake for that extra "kick".   Mmm....not every cake needs a layer of frosting on it to be good.   :)


redkathy said…
The cake looks scrumptious and the raspberries pushed it over the top for me. Now I have to try it! Thanks for sharing the video. Paul is my fav too and I saw him in Tampa 2001 I think.

Have a great weekend!
Kim said…
Kat, you should give it a try. Recipe makes two cakes but you can scale down to make one. :)

Kathy, I went to the 2001 McCartney concert in Tampa too!! It was at the Ice Palace right? I know they've renamed that hockey rink since then. How cool!
Japan Australia said…
The almond cake looks delicious. Was it easy to make?
Kim said…
Hi JA! If I had a decent hand mixer, it would probably have taken less time to make. I had to use a hand wire whisk. It took awhile to mix in all the lumpy almond paste. In the end there were bits of chewy almond paste throughout the cake. Those bites actually turned out to be the coveted pieces. "Ooh! I hit some almond paste! Yum!" lol
Thanks for dropping by. :)
Raspberries can also be added to the almond cake for extra taste.