Flourless Chocolate Cake

I had to blow the dust off the old blog to share what I made tonight.  I know the Flourless Chocolate Cake has been around forever and every food blogger has written novels about it, but this is a first for me.  I was watching old episodes of Bizarre Foods on Netflix around 2 a.m. in the morning when out of nowhere I had the mad urge to make a flourless chocolate cake.  I looked up some recipes online and watched a couple of "how to" videos on YouTube for reference.  

Tada!!!   Nice eh?  It was so easy too.  Just 5 ingredients and 25 minutes in the oven.  I have to warn you though, this cake is beyond rich.  One tiny slice is enough to ease an chocolate cravings.


4 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3/4 cups granulated sugar
3 eggs
1 stick of butter


1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Line an 8" springform pan with parchment paper.
2.  In a saucepan slowly melt the stick of butter and chopped up chocolate.  Stir until completely melted and smooth.  Set aside.
3.  In a large bowl, mix together sifted cocoa powder, eggs, and sugar.
4.  Slowly mix in the warm melted chocolate into your bowl bit by bit until fully incorporated.
5.  Pour the batter into the prepared springform pan.
6.  Bake for 25 minutes
7.  Cool for 15 minutes and remove from pan.  Dust with powdered sugar or lightly drizzle with a chocolate ganache if desired.  Add fresh raspberries for contrasting flavors and colors.

I admit I cheated.  I didn't make my own ganache.  I used a store bought cake topping called Amazing Glaze by Duncan Hines.  Tasted pretty good and comes in a handy squirt bottle.   :)


Japan Australia said…
Looks really good and easy to make as well.

Japan Australia
Kim said…
Thanks Kat and J.A. Hope you're both having a good weekend. :D
Bob said…
I like my cake like I like my women, beyond rich. Heh. Seriously though, that looks amazing.
redkathy said…
And you didn't invite me to watch you make it??? I was up... Looks awesome!

And if it makes a hoot, I never made a flourless cake yet!
Kim said…
Bob HaHa! Some of us chicks do love spending...especially when it's someone else's money. ;D
The cake is sooo easy to make. You'll love it.

Kathy! Next time I'm having another late night baking session, you're in! There's enough sugar and chocolate in this cake to keep you wired for days.
The Duo Dishes said…
This is one of the faves when it comes to a chocolate cake. It's hard to go wrong. A couple of bites of the intense chocolate is enough to satisfy. Yum.
Kim said…
Duo Dishes, I completely agree! Best part is I always have the ingredients in house. Bad for my waistline though. ;)