Mini Chocolate Donuts

I'm a huge sucker for anything cute regardless of whether or not I need it. So last week when I was walking through a store, this super cute bright yellow machine was screaming at me...."TAKE ME HOME!!!"  I said "donut maker....why not?"

The donut maker comes with a manual that includes a handful of basic donut recipes and glazes.  I tested out the machine by making a small batch of chocolate donuts with a chocolate glaze.

They came out so cute!!!   Taste wise, I need to experiment a little more.  I think I over baked them.  They were a tad bit crispy and dry.  I need to reduce the cooking time and probably add more vegetable oil to the batter.  Otherwise, not bad for a $30 machine.


Japan Australia said…
The donuts do look really good. I've always wanted to buy one of these machines but have been worried about how the donuts will turn out and taste. Let me know how they turn out after a bit of trial and error :)

Japan Australia
Bob said…
That's just awesome, I want a doughnut machine! They look wicked good too, great shine on the glaze.