How to Succeed in Business...

I spent this past Christmas in New York City.  I did all the touristy things like visit Rockefeller Center,  Time Square, looked at all the department store Christmas displays, snore, snore, blah, blah.  But, the best thing I did was see Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette in the Broadway comedy musical "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying".   This is the second time I've seen it.  I loved every single minute of it all over again.   The singing and dancing is just so energetic and electrifying.  You can't help but grin like a goon throughout the entire 2 hour and 45 minute spectacular.  Daniel Radcliffe is one talented little cutie.  He's also incredibly friendly and gracious to his fans.  Radcliffe is definitely one of my favorite actors.

My husband and I waited for him at the side stage door after the matinee show on Christmas eve.  It was freezing cold but so worth it.

Daniel Radcliffe signing my husband's playbill

Signed playbill and program.

We love Daniel Radcliffe so much that our stay in New York was extended an extra day so that we could get his autograph one more time. We camped out for 9 hours in 30 plus degree weather to get the entire cast.  I know this sounds crazy.  Ha!

Rose Hemingway plays Rosemary Pilkington.  J. Pierrepont Finch's love interest

John Larroquette plays J.B. Biggley

Playbill signed by the cast.  Radcliffe's autograph is the big star looking scribble covering part of his cheek.    
"It's Been a Long Day" elevator scene signed by R. Hemingway and D. Radcliffe

A personalized autographed Harry Potter poster made out to my husband

New York was a great time.  My "How to Succeed" experience made it even better.  It's sad to know I'll never be able to see the performance again.  January 1st is his very last show.   Boo!  Well, at least I can play the soundtrack over and over and over.  :D


Kim said…
Yeah it was really fun too!! Happy new year, Kat!!
Eleanor Hoh said…
Wow, really die hard fans there! BTW, I have same problem with posting regularly but because of old laptop more than anything else.