Kanon: Ayu Tsukimiya’s favorite snack.

The first time I heard of taiyaki was in the anime, Kanon.   I had my first taste at a tiny taiyaki shop in JapanTown while on vacation in San Francisco, CA.  It's a light and crispy waffle like cake shaped like a fish with fillings such as sweet red bean paste, chocolate, or custard.  For my birthday this year, I bought myself a taiyaki pan from Amazon.com.  Pretty snazzy, eh?!?!

This is my stab at homemade taiyaki.  I cheated and used a shake and pour waffle mix and store bought sweet red bean paste.  A little too crispy on the edges but still tasted really good.  I have electric burners so it was a bit tricky.  I need more practice.  Happily, this is enough to tie me over until I can make another trip to San Francisco or go on my dream vacation to Japan.