Tako Cheena by Pom Pom

Today the hubs and I had lunch at a little restaurant called Tako Cheena.  This place is awesome.  It's an Asian and Latin fusion joint with a small menu filled with tasty specialty "takos", burritos, Asian hot dogs, and empanadas.

I ordered the Korean Beef, Asian braised beef, and Chinese BBQ Char Siu Pork Belly takos.  Each taco comes topped with mixed cabbage, fresh cilantro, and special sauces. 

My favorite was the Chinese BBQ pork belly tako.  Delicious!!!!  I washed everything down with an icy cold Coke straight from the bottle.

This place is a hidden treasure trove.  I'm so happy I found it.  Next time I'm ordering the Indian Butter Chicken burrito with a side of empanadas.  :D


K and S said…
the combinations sound so delicious!
Kim said…
It was so tasty!! I get bored of the old Taco Bell standards. Thank care, Kat