I love Bibimbap.  There's something about the crunchy rice in a hot stone bowl covered in veggies, meats, and a spicy sauce that makes me so damn happy! I'm always on the hunt for it.  It's really hard to come by in Florida. When I do find a restaurant that serves it, I have to order it. Unfortunately it's so completely overpriced, usually about $15 plus per bowl.  I found this little beauty at Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park.  Yup, a Korean dish at a Japanese joint.  It was surprisingly tasty.  I ordered a side of Kimchi to go along with it.  I ate.  I laughed.  I cried....mostly because of the extremely spicy hot sauce everything is mixed in.

Bibimbap from a sushi joint was surprisingly tasty
Rice, assorted veggies, honshimeji mushrooms, bulgogi, a slow poached egg with sesame chili oil served in a sizzling stone bowl

Prettiest kimchi ever!
A side of the prettiest Kimchi ever!!!


K and S said…
expensive but yummy looking!
Kim said…
Hi Kat! Yeah very expensive and far away too. It's about an hour's drive from my house. It's a once in a while treat. :)
I hate when you find something that you like and it is overpriced. This looks so delicious. Thank you for posting.

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