Street Style Tacos

Can't believe it's just a few weeks away from Christmas.  Usually around this time of year I try really hard to avoid driving in the bigger cities like Orlando.  The traffic is 10 times worst and people's tempers are shorter around the holidays.  But, when your stomach is hungry and wants street style tacos, you listen.  Today I went to Bartaco.  Not sure exactly how long they've been open for business but it was super busy. That's always a good sign.

Started off with some sugary beverages, real sugar Mexican Coke and sweet iced tea.

First up, the grilled corn on the cob with lime, cayenne, cotija cheese.  This was pretty tasty.  I could be off my rocker but there was almost a hint of bleu cheese....Hmm

And then there was the bowl of pork posole topped with shredded cabbage and fresh jalapenos.  This was so rich, meaty and delicious, my hubs ordered a second bowl just for himself.

Last but not least came the assorted tacos... Pork belly, duck, chorizo, and fried oyster tacos.  These were small tacos, two to maybe three bites each. Prices range from $2.50 to $3.50 each.  There were a handful of tacos I didn't get to try.  Just another reason for me to go back.