Sweet Treats from Disneyland

I went to California this year on vacation. Being a Disney World annual passholder,  I felt it was about time I checked out Disneyland and California Adventure.  Of course I had to look for snacks specific to Disney on the west coast.  There weren't too many but I did find a few.

This was a super cute find, a Yule Log at Disney California Adventure.  Oh that tiny mushroom! Unfortunately this looked way better then it tasted.  Boo!  In the back is a Frozen Chocolate Milk. The cashier told me it was similar to Wendy's chocolate frosty but better.  Nope! Either she was lying to me or she doesn't have any taste buds.  It was very bland.  A Wendy's chocolate Frosty is way tastier.

Then I found this Christmas Mickey sugar cookie.  Now this I would buy again.  It looks really simple but the flavors and texture were on point.  

Mickey's Fun Wheel

 Even though I only posted a couple of snacks, overall I prefer the foods at Disney World.  I could be biased.  However, I will admit California Adventure is a freaking awesome park.  It may even be my favorite.