Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2017

The Festival of the Arts is over but now we usher in the annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.  This festival started on March 1st and runs through to May 29th.  I really enjoy going to this event.  There are many cool looking Disney topiaries on display as well as Epcot's Outdoor Kitchens. You can view the full menu booth by booth at Disney Food Blog.  

Here are some of my favorites...   

Day shot of Mickey and pals in front of Spaceship Earth,

Much prettier at night.

The Three Caballeros were my favorite topiary

Belle and the Beast got real faces this year. In past years, Belle was just a blank creepy face of nothingness.

Her two buddies, Cogsworth and Lumiere

 Winnie the Pooh

And Rabbit!

Now for some delicious foods from the Outdoor Kitchens.

From the La Isla Fresca booth:  (back) Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer with Steamed Rice and Coconut Lime Sauce, (left) Jamaican-braised Beef with Pigeon Pea Rice and Micro Cilantro, and (right) FlanCocho: Vanilla Caramel Custard with Chocolate Coffee Cake 

Beijing-Style Candied Strawberries from The Lotus House.  I loved these!  I lost count of how many skewers I inhaled.

 Meatball Parmigiana: Hand-made Beef and Veal Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmigiana and Fresh Basil, a Frozen Italian Margarita with Limoncello and Tequila, and a Strawberry Tiramisu: Ladyfingers, Mascarpone Cream and Marinated Strawberries topped with Strawberry Sauce all from the Primavera Kitchen in Italy.

And ending this post with a super refreshing Warm Wild Berry Buckle with Pepperberry Sorbet from The Berry Basket booth.  The combination of warm berries, cake, and cold sorbet was nothing short of delicious!

I could keep going on and on but then this post would never end.  You'll just have to make the trip and experience it all for yourself.