Primeval Whirl, a Hippo, and Poutine

An awesome ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom is the Kilimanjaro Safari ride.  If an animal has to be kept in captivity, I rather see them roaming "free" over open acres of land like they do here at Disney than pacing back and forth in a tiny cage.  My favorite animal on this trip was this sunbathing hippo. I named him Harold.


Another fun ride at Animal Kingdom is Primeval Whirl. Sure AK has more famous rides but this one is pretty top notch in my book. My hubs thinks this ride was designed to personally cause him pain. It's really fun and rickety with jerky stops and dips.  It reminds me of the scary traveling carnival rides that are set up on an empty lot in 45 minutes or less. Super Fun!


Lastly, we stopped by Disney Springs for a bite.  I love eating at The Daily Poutine.  It's a little quick service counter with the best poutine I've found here in the states.  

The one on the left is the Latin Poutine - Fried Yucca, Black Beans, Pulled Pork, and Queso Fresco.  The one on the right is the Classic Poutine -  French Fries, Beef Poutine Gravy and Cheddar Cheese Curds 

It was a fun day.  I need to get as many of these days in as possible before the weather starts getting hot.  I basically go nowhere from May through late October.  I hate the Florida swamp weather.