Zebra Domes

I first had this delectable dessert when the hubs and I ate at Boma- Flavors of Africa buffet in the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This unfortunately was not a favorite restaurant of mine but I did discover one gem...Zebra Domes!!!

I can't really describe the deliciousness of these soft, sweet, and creamy treats, but I'll try.  Zebra Domes are Amarula Cream Liquor infused mousse on top of a thin layer of a vanilla sponge cake encased in a dome of white chocolate with dark chocolate drizzle and shavings.  Use your imagination to combine these flavors and textures together or do yourself a favor and come get some.

I don't think you can get these anywhere but at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  You can either eat at Boma and stuff yourself silly off the buffet or do like us and visit The Mara which is their quick service restaurant.  Zebra Domes are sold in the refrigerated section in a clear plastic takeout container in a set of four for around $5.  Totally YUM!!!