Paddlefish at Disney Springs

This is a cheat post from almost four months ago. Well it happened four months ago and I'm only now getting around to blogging about it.  I'm a bad blogger.  Lets just pretend it's March again! Woo!

Flashback to March 2017....

Today we're at Paddlefish in Disney Springs Orlando, FL.  Lets not waste time and dive right into it. I know you're all excited to see the food.  Also, I'm just a bad blogger and not very good at writing intros (see disclaimer in above paragraph).

First up, Lobster Corn Dogs!  Yep, I said Lobster Corn Dogs and they're exactly what you think it is. These were served with a sweet chili aioli.  My hubs LOVED these.  It's like carnival food for rich people.

Keeping with the lobster theme, this is the Lobster Risotto.  This was good but nothing special. Lobster chunks were very sweet and tender.  However, I don't think you can get this anymore.  I think they took it off the menu.

To end the meal, we ordered the $10 Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan Tart.  This has a big ass slab of candied bacon, sea salt, and dulce de leche ice cream.  Tasty, tasty, tasty!