Festival of Fantasy Parade

I'm guilty of running the opposite way whenever a parade is coming down Main Street in Magic Kingdom.  I always viewed parades as an opportunity to either beat the traffic out of the park or bee line it to a ride in hopes of shorter wait times. The only parade I ever stopped to watch was the Main Street Electrical Parade. That was my favorite, but of course they moved that back to Disneyland last year.  Bring it back to Orlando, Disney!!!

Even though I try to avoid parades like the plague, I did recently watch the Festival of Fantasy parade. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it!  The floats featured some classic characters.  The highlight for me was the totally awesome fire breathing Maleficent dragon float.  She's the best villain.

Maleficent in Dragon form

Beauty and the Beast
Cinderella and Prince Charming

Elsa and Anna

Peter Pan and Wendy
Tick-Tock and Mr. Smee
Tinker Bell

And of course Mickey and Minnie!!!